The Public University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan is established so it can serve the knowledge, education, and well-being of Kosovar society and all humankind.

This is our vision.

The University is the best opportunity for a society to educate its members and make them responsible for the shared social values: for the freedom, the principles of democracy, economic welfare, social peace and other humanist values who underlie a society of high values.

Only by creating high scientific, cultural, economic and social values we help our society cope with the century of information technology and globalization.

The university will be the connection between local values, national values , and global values. It is Kosovo’s best door to the era of digital technology, in which all mankind is living as a multicultural society. In both the Kosovar and Albanian contexts, the University is where the different cultures, the different languages, the different races, Individuals with different

religious beliefs, and individuals with different social status come together. The University, adhering to the very essence of the universal word, will promote and respect the multiculturalism and the diversity.

The future life of our society, knowledge, science, and education, family, the future economy, prosperity, democracy, and position in the international arena depend on the way the processes at universities are flowing today.

The university will educate and teach today’s students with future public responsibilities.

The university educates society for a life of peace and prosperity.

The university prepares the leadership of our future society.